Ambulance Remounts

If you are on a budget but need a new ambulance, an ambulance remount may be the way to go. We remove the old box off of your current ambulance, mount it on a new chassis, then restore and remodel the box to your specifications. It's almost like a brand new ambulance!


We'll buff and shine the whole ambulance with the best tools in the business to give your ambulance that "new car" look. We also work closely with a top-quality body shop if any bodywork or paint is needed.


Cabinet, bench, and floor restoration is an option for remounted vehicles. When we finish, the ambulance will look like it just rolled off the assembly line.

(Before & After)   


We also furnish custom consoles in our remounts. Switch panels, gloveboxes, map-lights, and cup-holders are a few of the many options available. The sky is the limit with customizations as long as the console still fits between the seats!